About “us”

ProfilfotoWhy does it often say “we” or “us” on this website, even though I’m a “lone warrior”?

Simply put, because I enjoy working with partners from my network and most of the projects are – to whatever extent – the result of teamwork.

For two decades, I’ve been dealing professionally with data communication, as well as as with M2M, even if the latter was not previously known as such.

After completing a degree in computer engineering, I acquired extensive experience in both the technical arena (hardware and software development, project management, technical direction), business development (development of business models and areas), in consulting (system analysis, system implementation), sales and marketing, as well as a Managing Director and President (sales, marketing, finance, M&A, HR).

My experience chiefly centers around working for medium-sized technology companies, nevertheless I was also able to experience the processes and mechanisms of a corporate group from within.

What continually excites me and drives me is the emergence of a solution or business model through the – at times difficult to perceive – interaction of all areas of a company.

While I have a keen eye for detail, it is this view of the “big picture” that guides me.

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