AdWords – specially for M2M

Screenshot - Suche nach AdWords Marketing im M2M-Umfeld


Today, Google AdWords has become indispensable, since no other method offers such a quick and effective way to draw attention to one’s company and products.

Still, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Google AdWords for products in the M2M environment is a real challenge, as the products are complex and difficult to explain to outsiders.

In particular, for smaller campaigns it’s hardly worth the effort to permanently train an AdWords agency in product and M2M knowledge. As a result, many times one’s own valuable time is invested in managing AdWords campaigns or – even worse – one fails to take advantage of the potential that search engine marketing offers one’s company.

That doesn’t have to be case:

» We know M2M and the special demands it makes on search engine marketing. Your campaigns will only really be successful
with the right M2M know-how.

» We get your campaign going and guide it – without costly basic training in M2M. You use your time to run your business.

» We operate in transparent fashion and keep you constantly informed. Without complex contracts and with a monthly
cancellation option.

Our common basis of success:

» We use Google AdWords to immediately draw relevant visitors to your website and win new customers for you, which leads to
more sales.

» Full cost control with Google AdWords – you decide what you invest, while we optimize your Google AdWords campaigns.

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