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Reliable information is absolutely necessary for the success of a venture.

Christoph Columbus (1451 – 1506)

Executive briefing

An investment in M2M could be one of the most important decisions you will make for your company in the near future. In this regard, you need independent – external – information which is often tiresome and time-consuming for you. We will assist you to keep track of your M2M and to assess your own situation correctly. Our package for your information:

» We clear preliminary your information needs in a telephone conversation.

» We prepare for the briefing and provide missing information if possible (and tell you honestly if we are not the right people
for your issue).

» We will meet for a briefing/talk as success lies in an extensive dialogue. You will decide the venue, date and time.

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Ad-hoc telephone briefing

Do you need ad-hoc telephone briefing on general or specific information on M2M? Use our network and obtain expert information on (almost) all aspects of M2M:

» Independent,
» competent,
» easy,
» fast and
» cheap.

We will answer your questions whether ad-hoc or after a short search in our network. We will tell you honestly if we will take a bit longer or if we would not be able to answer the question with reasonable effort.

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