M2M Start – Identifying potential and utilize


“M2M” (Machine to Machine) or even the “Internet of things” are synonyms for the networking of devices or objects together. Modern technologies today allow the permanent worldwide networking of devices which did not appear technically or commercially possible a few years ago.

This intelligent networking offers both your clients and you (the provider) considerable potential which goes far beyond actual crosslinking. In addition to an improved service, increased client connection and countless improvements with your internal processes, entirely new business models are also created.

Use your M2M potential as a competitive advantage!

M2M-Concepts observes your business holistically, form the aspect of the networking of your products and services. The focus is on the recoverable benefits, and not just the technical realisation. We provide advice completely independent [note] of hardware, software and connectivity suppliers.

For us it is crucial for your M2M project to be 100% compatible with your business – this is the only way that you too can ensure 100% exploitation of the potential that you invest in your products.

We work on these key points together with you:

» What potential is there for a comprehensive networking with your products and services?

» What connectivity integration level is required in your business processes?

» What commercial, technical and possibly other framework conditions must be observed in your concrete project?

With our deep knowledge in the field of M2M, we offer you a competent, tailored and co-operative consulting service. There are no standard answers or panacea solutions and this is important to us, for every project is as unique as the company that presides over it. With this we always involve you closely: another thing true with M2M is that the way is the aim – is not merely about a complete project; rather: in a few years, M2M will be practically indispensable with every product, and your organisation cannot afford to be M2M-compatible any later. And this exactly what we want to help you with.

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[contentbox headline="Independence - the difference between «Consulting» and «Sales»" type="gray"]Many consulting firms are in a dilemma:

They also provide implementation on the basis of their own or others’ platforms, whose representation they have assumed. Under these framework conditions, how is one supposed to ensure that “advice” is not “optimised” for their own product? With this there is always the risk that “advice” very quickly leads to a “sales process”.

Take note of such conflicts of interest when selecting your advisor, so that you can expect “advice” for your money and not just “sales”![/contentbox]